Face Shape Guide

Understanding your face shape and what frame styles compliment it best will help you choose the most flattering frame for your eyeglasses or sunglasses. As we know, our cheekbones, forehead width and jawline length compose our facial shape. Please stand in front of a mirror and compare our own face shape to the ones we listed below, and discover your ideal style!

Round Face

For a balanced face shape with soft features and no prominent angles, consider the following tips:

1.Square orrectangular frames:
to add structure and elongate the face. Frames slightly wider than the face can help visually narrow it.

2. Cat-eye glasses can provide contrast and elongate facial contours, but choose designs that are not overly exaggerated for a natural look.

3. Geometric frames for a unique and stylish appearance, offering excellent decorative effects.

Square Face

Broad and deep forehead, square chin and wide angular jawline.

1. Round glasses contrast square faces, softening angular contours effectively.

2. Light or bright-colored frames divert attention from heaviness, adding softness and warmth.

3. Frames with patterns, carvings, or metal accents add depth and visual interest, drawing attention away from facial contours and balancing features.

Diamond Face

Face length is prominent with a narrow forehead and chin, wider cheekbones, and full cheeks.

1. Oval eyeglasses They soften the sharp lines of a diamond-shaped face, creating a harmonious facial contour by balancing the width of the forehead and chin.

2. Cat-eye glasses Their wider upper part and narrower lower part effectively soften the cheekbone area, adding dimension and balance to a diamond-shaped face.

3. Geometric glasses They divert attention from the cheekbones and offer a strong fashion statement, adding personality and charm to your look.



Heart-shape Face

Longer facial lines and flatter cheekbones, the width of forehead and chin is relatively similar, giving the overall facial contour a more squared appearance.

1. Opt for wider rectangular frames to balance facial proportions and create a more squared appearance.

2. Cat-eye or aviator styles, can soften harsh lines and add a gentler touch to the face.



Oval Face

Narrow forehead and chin, high cheekbones, and gently curved jawline.

1. Round and oval glasses soften sharp lines, making the face appear gentler. They balance out the wider upper half, creating a harmonious look.

2. Wide frames, like oversized squares, draw attention from the broad forehead, reducing its impact.

3. Frames with a narrow upper part and taller height balance out the wide upper portion, enhancing overall proportion.



Pear Shape Face

 Narrow forehead, wide jawline and chin.

1. Round glasses andoval glasses can soften the sharper lines of a triangular face shape, making the face appear more gentle.  

2. Wide frame (such as oversized square frame ) can divert attention away from the broader forehead area and reduce the visual impact of the wider-on-top-narrower-on-bottom effect.

Rectangle Face

Longer facial lines and flatter cheekbones, the width of forehead and chin is relatively similar, giving the overall facial contour a more squared appearance.

1. A wider rectangular framecan horizontally broaden the face, thus reducing the perception of the face's vertical length.
2. Round glasses can soften the harsh lines of a rectangular face, adding a sense of gentleness. 
3. Curved-shapedglasses can balance out the angularity of the face, making the facial contours appear more rounded.