Colorful Tinted Sunglasses

Zanylen Optical offer colorful tinted non-polarized sunglasses for fashion icons. Come and Shop Now!

Stylish sunglasses as a summer essential for going out, can not only block ultraviolet rays and protect the eyes, but also serve as a fashionable accessory to enhance the overall styling sense.  Different colors of lenses have different functions and effects.
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Tinted sunglasses in different colors
Blue tinted sunglasses

Blue tinted sunglasses can effectively filter out the light blue reflections from the sea and sky, making them suitable for wearing during beach activities or water sports.

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Yellow tinted sunglasses

Yellow tinted sunglasses provide sensory depth and visual contrast in dim lighting conditions, making them an ideal choice for night driving, cloudy days, and foggy or hazy weather.

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Gray tinted sunglasses

Gray tinted sunglasses can absorb any color spectrum evenly, resulting in a darkened view of the surroundings without significant color distortion, presenting a realistic and natural feel. 
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Brown or amber tinted sunglasses

Brown or amber tinted sunglasses can filter out a significant amount of blue light, improving visual contrast and clarity. 
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Green tinted sunglasses

Green tinted sunglasses maximize the amount of green light reaching the eyes while absorbing other light rays, providing a refreshing and comfortable sensation. 
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Red or orange tinted sunglasses

Red or orange tinted sunglasses can reduce glare, enhance contrast and brightness, and intensify details, making them particularly suitable for cloudy days or regions with variable weather conditions.
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