About Us

Who are we?

ZanyLen is an eyewear brand owned by EINDEC group (SGX.42Z) from Singapore and we have a diversified product range in this industry. What sets us apart from other peers is that we possess our own glasses factory, which gives us an opportunity to implement control over the complete manufacturing process and ensuring that the highest quality standards are met. Additionally, almost 40 years of experience in manufacturing industry empowered us with a better understanding of identifying the golden section between cost & quality control and customer satisfaction.


Sustainable development

We recognize the importance and necessity of sustainable development and are constantly refining our strategies to ensure that our products are designed and made base on this core principle, including the packaging and shipping practices. Overall, whether you're looking for high quality and stylish eyewear products that are simultaneously fashion and protective, or you're looking for a brand that aligns with your values, ZanyLen is the perfect choice.